Youth Participation very Crucial in Nigerian Politics – Prince Roosevelt Mbamara

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In an interview with YawNaija Tv, Prince Roosevelt Mbamara ,says that youth participation is very crucial in Nigerian politics.

Prince Roosevelt Ngozi Mbamara, who is an advocate and solicitor for the Supreme court and is also an aspirant for the House of Assembly Isiala Mbano, Imo stated this in an interview.

“For most youths, the idea of active participation in politics is a negative subject. It is widely believed that politics is a dirty game, and as such, it interests only few among the youths. However, youths are now urged to participate actively in Nigerian Politics”

“Learning about politics and life as a citizen is part of the transition to adulthood. During this stage young people  are introduced to political processes and issues, as well as a range of political activities including voting and participation in social movements”.

 “The #NotTooYoungToRun bill that has just been passed by the senate now makes things easier as youths can now participate in Nigerian politics. Most youthful people are motivated and long to do well in everything they do, which means they will play a key role in politics”.

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“Young people have different perspectives and a host of different ideas. By allowing them to voice their opinion on most national issues can open and move the political world forward. This is not only good for society, but necessary for society”.

“As Nigerian youths we are now advised to seize this opportunity that has been given to us and participate positively in politics and that change that we have clamouring for will definitely happen in this country”.

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