Young Man Almost Buried Alive After Hospital Wrongfully Declares Him Dead

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A 20-year-old young man who had suffered an accident and been rushed to a private hospital on June 21, 2019 was being prepared for burial because the hospital had declared him dead.

Mohammad Furqan was involved in an accident on the 21st of June and was taken to a hospital for treatment. He was in critical condition and after his family exhausted their savings paying for his medical bills, doctors declared him dead.

While arrangements were underway to burry him, Furqan’s family members realised that certain parts of his body were moving slightly, so they rushed him to the hospital again before doctors said the young man was not brain dead.

They took him to another hospital where doctors confirmed he was still alive.

Furqan’s brother identified as Irfan, is quoted as saying: “Devastated, we were preparing for the burial when some of us saw movement in his limbs. We immediately took Furqan to the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital where the doctors said he was alive and have put him on ventilator support.”

“We had paid Rs 7 lakh ($10,000) to the private hospital earlier and when we told them that we had run out of money, they had declared Furqan dead,” the brother added.

While the patient still remains in a critical condition at the hospital, Lucknow Chief Medical Officer, Narendra Agarwal acknowledged the obvious blunder committed by the hospital earlier, and promised that it “will be thoroughly probed.”


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