You Are A Cold Blooded Murderer!

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Till eternity, Prevention will always be safer than cure; And yes, the theory applies to all cases. In this case, Abortion.

“It wasn’t her fault” You would hear some say. “Don’t judge! Until you find yourself in their shoes”…. others opinionated.

Well, let’s break it all down and peruse the pros and cons; the roads leading to ‘Abortion’.


Premarital sex: Let’s say, Sex is sweet, it’s fun, erotic, most times ‘unavoidable’. P.s I love sex… you too yea? Dope. In the case where the flesh calls and our spirit man can’t save us from indulging, how about a condom?

No? You don’t like condoms? Trust me, I know the feeling, I don’t like condoms either! How about contraceptives?


Conception: At the point where you find out “Oh I’m pregnant! My mum is going to kill me!” and after weighing all your options you realize you can’t bear the taunting, the shame, the financial burden, change in lifestyle, and all the baggage that comes with motherhood; you decide “I want this fetus gone!”

Cool! Do it! Did I hear you say “what is she talking about?” Yea! Do it!

Its a lesser of two evils!!!!!!!!! Don’t you get?! You don’t want the baby? Take it out at 2weeks! Or 3weeks!!!!! while it’s still looking like a tiny thing inside the womb!!!! But this right here is ungodly!!!!!

How and why do you bother going through the pain of 9months just to dump them in the gutter?! How? How do you deliver them, look at their cute little faces and then dump them in the dustbin?! How????? How do you face the shame of 9months and refuse to live the joy of the rest of your life with a child that will grow up to love you and call you “mummy” How?!

This is cold blooded murder!!!!

Guess we would never understand why some people do what they do. The heart of man is dark and evil……


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