Yinka Davies, Thin Tall Tony, Wale Rubber Star in Nigerian National Anthem Theme Play

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Nigeria’s National Anthem has continued to inspire patriotism since its adoption as the country’s national hymn in 1978. The two-stanza song will get a gripping theatrical make-over in a new stage play entitled ‘The Anthem’ on Sunday, October 14 at the NAF Events Centre, Kado, Abuja.

‘The Anthem’ is endorsed by the National Orientation Agency and Small Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) as part of the 58th Independence Day Celebration and almost 20 years of continuous democracy in Nigeria.

Produced by WR Productions, the stage presentation is brought to life by a star-studded line of thespians that include Yinka Davies, Wale Rubber, Dayo ‘Doxa’ Benjamins-Laniyi,  Lovette Otegbola, Chimela Azurunwa, Ben Ogbeiwi, and Thin Tall Tony.

Speaking about the production, Producer, and writer, Funke Sodade described the play like an inspired production that all Nigerians must see.

“The Anthem’ is a very rich story about Nigeria that draws characterization from the National Anthem. We are delivering an epic tale that portrays a utopian Nigeria where fault lines do not exist.

In between rehearsals, it’s been an inspired atmosphere even among the cast and crew. We are pumped up about what Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike are about to see in ‘The Anthem’.

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