Why we Killed Alex Badeh – Suspect Confesses (Video)

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Shuaibu Rabi, a suspect connected with the murder of the former chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh, says he and his friends trailed the ex-military chief and eventually killed him.

The alleged killer is believed to have partnered with another person described as his brother in order to rob Badeh reported to have made a land acquisition.

Rabi stated that based on the information, they set an ambush for Badeh while he returned from his farm along the Keffi-Abuja road on December 18, where the former army chief was killed.

Speaking  Hausa while answering to questions, the man gave details of how he participated in the gruesome murder of Badeh.

”My name is Shaibu Rabo, and I’m 25 years old. Ciroma told him(the gang leader) that the old soldier(Badeh) just bought a piece of land and will soon bring the money so we should try to steal the money. When we got there, we saw his car coming and we decided that those holding the knives should be at the front while we stay at the back. And in case he tries to turn we will stop him, but the soldier didn’t show any sign of turning back, he just went straight to where Ciroma was to hit him. Ciroma jumped aside and opened fire. After that, we checked the car and saw a bag with money, but we don’t know how much it was.

When asked if the money was in naira or foreign currency, the suspect said it was in naira. He added that they were able to abduct Badeh’s friend who was in the car.

Watch the video.

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