What Seemed to be an Endless Chain of Bad Luck is Broken as Woman Joins Skill/Acquisition Programme by Kinabuti Fashion Initiative And Changes Her Story (Watch)

MODINAT.... Woman breaks a cycle of bad luck and turns entrepreneur

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For a long time, Modinat Oluwabukola Olajide’s life story seemed to be an unending stretch of bad luck.

She got pregnant at 23 for a man who rejected her and the unborn baby. Later, she got a job at a hospital as an auxiliary nurse where she was only paid five thousand naira a month. But she found love again in the hospital and hope for a better life.

The doctor she was dating promised to marry her but after she got pregnant, they broke up. She was left homeless with two children to care for so she moved in with her sister. Without the hope of a job or a source of income, she started dating men for money.

In her own words, “I realized life is not like that so started going out, flirting with men. ” The more desperate her situation grew, she started to entertain the advice of her friends who encouraged her to leave the country. As a nurse abroad, she would earn a lot of money.

It seemed a good idea so she took all her savings and applied for an exit visa. But again, more bad luck was on the way. She was duped in the visa program and things became worse.

At this really low point, she heard about the KFI/EHRAAI skill acquisition program from a friend. When she enrolled in the program, she had a mindset change. She realised that going abroad was not the solution. “I would only go to suffer.” She said “With the little I have learned here, I can build a life.”

KFI is a non profit arm of Kinabuti committed to empowering youth and women through skills acquisition to recognize and enjoy the opportunities in Nigeria. While KFI has a lot of programs, the currently running program is training hundreds of women and giving them a better life.

Modinat’s Home Product-Making class taught her how to make bleach. She put her knowledge into practice and gave out test samples. Her prospective customers loved her product.  They told her the bleach was better than the brand in the market. So the orders came in and with them came turnover.

Now, there is money to build a better life for her and her family. She is able to pay the  children’s school fees without worry, help her husband who lost his job and the future looks bright.

KFI is grateful to its sponsors and partners Equal Health and Rights Access Advocacy Initiative (EHRAAI) in Nigeria as well as, Time for Africa and Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy for the difference they are able to make.

Recently, Modinat had a conversation with her son that gladdened her heart.

“I told him (in the past) that I can:t afford his higher institution but I now realised that I can do it- even if he wants to go to a private university, I can afford it”.

The world can be changed one person at a time. We are grateful that we can help transform Modinat’s life and family as we help many more.

Watch the video below.

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