Watch The Interview about “How do We Give Nigeria back to Nigerians”? (Video)

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2019 is the year when different people would wear the cloak of a savior and appeal to the emotions of the Nigerian people to  garner vote for themselves.

Notable people have declared their intentions to contest for the Nations Number one seat. But the issue that it would take more than words to convince an average Nigerian of your plans for the country.

The Nigeria people have trust issues as they have exhausted their trusts on different politicians who promised them a country of their dreams. But what begs the question now is how difficult is it to give the people what they want?

2019 is drawing closer by the second. And our Focus today is on a publicist, blogger, influencer, writer and social activist Omoleye Sowore the editor and owner of Sahara reporters. An online media that has exposed so many ills going on in the government.

Adeeko Ibukun a partner and friend of Sowore, was invited for an interview on Politic tit bit, a program on Yaw Naija tv, and he spoke to us about the policies, goals and  Sowore ideas when he wins the Presidential election come 2019.

He is a Poet, a writer and a volunteer of the TAKE IT BACK NIGERIA MOVEMENT, a movement with over 20,000 volunteers and an agenda to take Nigeria back and give it back to Nigerians. This movement is conveyed by the illustrious  Omoyele Sowore, the presidential Aspirant.

Asked about why Nigerians should vote for Sowore come 2019, he stated the country is lingering on the breakdown of social Justice, and he considers Sowore as the man who has the capacity to pull back the Nation to  a different and worthy direction.

Sowore see this as an important foundation for a country to run on. he further stated that Sowore has empathy and compassion for the people of Nigeria hence his decision to run for the presidential seat in 2019 since past government do not see social justice as a core value. and he believes in Sowores value because he is an achiever and a transparent fellow who deserves a chance in government.

furthermore,  the key goal of the TAKE IT BACK MOVEMENT is to return democratic Nigeria back to the Nigerian People. Stressing that Sowore’s mandate is to take back the country from the hands of those who see the country as a form of Heritage they inherited. After stealing funds belonging to the nation, they get pardoned after moving to the winning party.

The motive and focus of Sowore is to be independent without being held down by ‘Godfatherism’ which seems like normalcy for every politician in the country. So that he can manifest every agenda on his manifesto without fear or favour from anyone. He stated

When asked about the news that made headline sometime ago about a proposed witch-hunt for the President of the Senate Bukola Saraki by Sowore when he becomes President, which is like a trend for new administrations to tackle their opposition after they get into power.

Our guest replied, that Sowore is a man with integrity and he obeys the rule of law and would only do that with the help of the court when they find Saraki guilty of any crime notwithstanding the political party he belongs to.

The issue of  Security was raised and our guest gave an astounding response to that stating that as a Nigerian, he should have the freedom to move from one state to the other safely without feeling threatened by whatsoever and can live in any part of the state with rest of mind and heart.

A critical point was to be addressed about the choice of political party for Sowore. And Yaw Naija was made to understand that  Sowore doesn’t want to run as an independent candidate,  or join any of the existing political parties.

He further stated that ‘Sowore is scouting political parties that are independent of any oligarch, and has principles he (Sowore) can work with. He wants Parties that are founded on real trust and has the country at heart and not their personal and selfish desires without ties with APC and PDP as their surrogate’

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