Watch ‘SHE IS’ The Movie Trailer

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Today’s woman is constantly switching roles, resilient and fragile yet the strength and vigor she possesses cannot be denied.
There are sad realities of her existence and Health is the major topic in this movie but reading in between the
lines of the script and looking deep into the lesson of the storyteller.
She is thrown into the depth of society’s pressure and what it expects of her like being married before a certain
age, staying successful, having kids and loved by everyone.
She is” is the story of Frances Anyaoku, a beautiful Nigerian woman in her late 30s, a successful realtor and is in touch with her faith.
Frances life changes when she’s told by her gynecologist that she has a fibroid and is presented with various options that aren’t favorable to her.
‘She is’ tells the story of how Frances takes destiny into her own hands as she tries to rewrite her script.
She is feisty, determined, broken, funny and finds love.
You can watch the trailer below:

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