Waje: Singer Wants to Quit Music Over Lack of Funds (Video)

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Afro-soul star, Aituaje Iruobe popularly known as Waje reportedly wants to quit doing professional music.

According to her: “I’m quitting music because I don’t have money for music promotions and publicity.

“Maybe it is fair to give it a rest and try other things. I can’t have released an album after everybody has been shouting Waje your last Album was five years ago, all the people that were shouting, where are they?” Waje said in a 12-minute-video posted to her YouTube channel And Twitter handle on March 20.

“I don’t have money for publicity, Emerald school fee is there. I have ten things laid out for me and every single time its always my music that is taking the bulk of the money.”

Watch the video below.


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