Top 8 Radical Thoughts That Will Make A Difference In Your Life This Week (Photos)

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There are so many people going about today in the world without any purpose, however, every human is here on earth for a mission.

It takes great thinking out of the box to realize what one was born to do in life, and it does not matter how old you are or how long you will spend alive, once a person discovers their true calling, then they become immortal, because our deeds, words and actions live long after we are dead.

In trying to aid a reformation in the thought process of somebody who needs to find purpose today, here are 8 rather radical thoughts that have the potential to transform your life from this week and beyond.

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1. Pray for the worst that will bring out the best in you

2. Rid your soul of pride, be open to learning

3. Chase Value Not Success

4. Find the blueprint of your life

5. Look for a purpose greater than yourself

6. Aim to leave a positive mark that can never be erased

7. Choose to be significant

8. When you have been raised, stretch forth your hands and lift others


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