Top 4 Trending Social Networking, Dating Facebook Groups Nigerians Love The Most (Photos)

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Social media is constantly changing the way we live our lives these days, from personal relationships down to our daily business activities.

People are consistently looking for new ways to interact, connect and re-connect with partners, friends and loved ones, especially at this time when the rigors of life tend to make it more difficult for us to lead normal lives.

In a bid to remain human, people have turned to different social platforms, meeting and reaching out to other persons from near and far.

One major social media platform where the business of connecting and networking is becoming a major gig, is Facebook.

The regular updates on Facebook have added features that make interacting more fun, the operations on this platform has gone beyond just updating status and re-sharing posts.

With the possibility of opening groups and pages, Facebook users have taken social media engagements unto a higher level.

These groups and pages have added spice to the way businesses are conducted and the way people from all spheres can get to connect.

From groups set up for business networking to those where socialites meet and hangout, and down to those specifically for relationships, here are the top 4 trending Facebook Groups that Nigerians love the most.

1. CommonSense HQ

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Put together by a popular actress known on social media as Folake Flakkyfaj, the CommonSense HQ was created to enable individuals find creative solutions to the manifold problems of our daily existence, via fun.

Folake Flakkyfaj curates activities on the CommonSense HQ platform

The group engages in so many social activities, most of which are geared at transforming the society at large and meeting certain needs that cannot be left to those in power.

From time to time the group holds a series of talks geared at empowering the masses and enlightening the general public on various social ills from domestic violence to corrupt practices in different communities; issues on social inequality, racism, health and the environment are not left out of the discuss.

Within the month of December, the group has scheduled a couple of highly engaging programmes, including: a hangout which comes up on the 8th, and  on the 15th, a food drive in which the group will be going around to share qualitative meals to the less privileged.

Below are some photos of the group’s activities.

2. Singles & Married(S&M)

The name probably says it all, members of this group come with one goal in mind, for advice to those who are married and for hooking up to those who are single.

With over seventy-five thousand members, the Singles & Married(S&M) group is one  of the trending Facebook groups at the moment and so many young persons have continued to join the group, especially since it promises them the possibility of getting a qualitative relationship that may eventually lead to marriage.

Below is a photo from the the group curated by Ijeoma Owuamanam.

3. Rant HQ

The Rant HQ was created with the appreciation of people’s need to RANT in mind.

Members are often encouraged to speak their minds and blurt it all out regarding issues within the society and other personal concerns.

They are however to do this while being mindful that there are other individuals from diverse race, culture, religion, ideology and educational that might some assertions offensive.

Rant HQ is a highly engaging platform and used to be number one on the chart, however, the rave is not as high as it used to be when it first launched on Facebook.

Though not as fiery as it used to be all over social media, the group has maintained its qualitative communications strategy, with admins such as Susan Ade Coker, Zinnia Elegans, and Obehi Eguakhide pulling the right strings when it matters most.

4. The Prayer Room & Prayer Rain

The Prayer Room and Prayer Rain share the number 4 spot, Nigerians are highly religious and lover prayers so much. Being a Christian nation, one can be sure that any group consistent with Christian teachings and fervent prayers, will draw so many faithfuls all over Facebook.

These groups have hundreds of thousands as members, many of different denominations, coming under the umbrella of Christianity and coming for the sole purpose of prayer, in a country where it is fast becoming somewhat of a miracle to live.

Social media has become a huge force in Nigeria, playing a major role in shaping the discuss around the nation’s polity and socioeconomic outlook.

Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes have become an integral part of our existence and they promise great possibilities if used for the right purpose.

From major debates on political matters, down to personal issues that affect families and individuals, groups such as those listed above have become very important, as they offer support for their members, create opportunities for business expansion, and make room for growth in virtually all spheres of human endeavors.


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