Top 3 Ideas That Will Make You Rethink Committing Suicide (Photos)

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There are so many times when life seems worthless to us, and then we see death as the only option.

If they had told some of us that we could ever contemplate suicide we would probably have told them that we are Nigerians and we do not commit suicide. However, what we read in the news daily has shown that the days are gone when suicide was a myth in Nigeria and Africa.

So many encounters in life leave us feeling defeated, but it is only a feeling, and though emotions get the best of us, we must seek to let the head rule over the heart. By this I mean using the word think instead of feel to carryout the next move.

We must ask ourselves to what end is the next move, and am I just basing my next action on a feeling, rather than a well thought out plan?

Below are three quotes that might help us see things differently, and could help us renegotiate with ourselves or rethink the idea of suicide.

The agony of leaving the world in such a manner is so tragic, that many of those who love us do not get to recover from the loss.

We must think this through again and see with fresh eyes how our challenges and even defeat can turn out to become a victory.

1. Every Noose is a Life

This is similar to the lemon to lemonade theory of life, we must stop looking at setbacks as just setbacks, we must begin to find the gold in the gutter where we might find ourselves. The glass like they say is either half full or half empty, the question is, how do you see it?

2. Leave your comfort zone

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Some commit suicide because they lost a job or a business crumbled, it is really hard to take such ill-luck, however, we must strive with all within us to evaluate and re-evaluate the situation. Learn why the business failed, see that losing that job might be for you to focus on your talent, gifts and sharpen your skills. Note that sometimes we are stuck and in love we where we are that we forget where we should be, think in this direction and find a new meaning to life.

3. Fight till the very end

The race is not done till you have crossed the finish line, and it does not matter how many times you fall on the track. Some of us love the easy way out, I do not blame you, who doesn’t like it easy? However, when the easy way is not yielding, then maybe it is time to consider that hard way might be the only way, and it gets better with some smart skills or refined methods.

Life may never always be as we plan it to be but that is why we are humans, we have the gift to adapt to situations, we have the intellect to design and redesign circumstances and affairs. So if certain things refused to be fixed after we have done all we should do, then it might be time to start again, creating something new, I am not saying its gonna be easy, trust me I have been there, but I am saying that its worth may eventually be the preoccupation of your mind, and availing you the grace for you to rethink, reconsider and renegotiate the proposition to commit suicide.

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