‘The Only Thing I Check on New Year’s Day is my Bank Account’ – IK Ogbonna Reveals

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A lot of people believe in New Year’s resolutions but nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, is not one of them.

At a time when many are busy writing down resolutions and posting videos of them on social media, Ogbonna is only interested in one thing – his bank account!

The actor revealed that much in a recent chat with Sunday Scoop. He said, “I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I believe every day is a new day, a new opportunity. If there is anything you want to change, you don’t have to wait till the beginning of the year to do that. The only reflection I have for the New Year is to check my bank account, to see how well I’m doing and how I fared in the past year. That’s the only thing I check on New Year’s Day.

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On if he has any plans for 2019, Ogbonna said, “I constantly try to improve on my craft. I research and increase my connection by getting to meet new people and learn new things. This year, I want to produce bigger and better movies. The jobs keep coming and I will continue jumping at opportunities. Like I said earlier, I don’t consider a new calendar year as a fresh start. Every new day affords a new beginning. It is still the same old me; there wouldn’t be any change because of the date. Rather, there would be a change based on whatever I do.”

However, Ogbonna refused to speak on the issue of his baby mama, who called him out on social media for not taking care of his daughter. He promised to speak with Sunday Scoop on the ‘sensitive’ issue at a later time.


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