The Entertainment And Sport Industry Celebrities Should Boycott All Politicians And Public Office Holder Stealing And Looting The Future Of Nigeria – Pascal Atuma

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Nigerian Canadian based Filmmaker & Football Agent who is also the Tabic Records CEO, Pascal Atuma have called on all entertainment and sports celebrities and practitioners to  boycott, distance and disassociate themselves from all crooked politicians and  public office holders involved in the looting and stealing of the future of Nigeria.

Instead he called on them to use their platforms to campaign against looting of  public funds.

He made this call because of the ongoing NDDC Saga. In his words “can you imagine  the drama we are all watching? This is the future of Nigeria that we are watching  some people do comedy with as if Nigeria is a failed state?”

And yet Nigerian  celebrities are posting pictures on instagram, Facebook, twitter etc. as if everything  is okay.

Only very few, very few of them like Ali Baba and co are speaking up daily,  the rest are busy posting pictures with these daylight criminals that should be facing  firing squad, God forbid evil.

He continued “all politicians and public office holders, including the corrupt  supreme court members should be brought to justice by firing squad, straight up,  that is the only way this drama will stop, the only way. Enough is enough.  How do  you embezzle funds meant for building infrastructure and for the development of a  nation and still be alive in front of the people? It doesn’t make any sense; all of them  found guilty with evidence should be disgraced and eliminated, no two ways about  it. Imprisonment will not work because they will find their way out, the system  belongs to them for now, the only way to stop the looting pandemic is to start  eliminating those found guilty. And any celebrity accepting peanuts from them and  supporting them should be tried and imprisoned.  This comedy we are all watching  and keeping quiet is the future of Nigeria at stake, burning right in our eyes,  burning, burning and burning with no hope in sight.

Any celebrity or sports star posting or supporting these devilish looters is a fool,  total imbecile. It is time to use the platforms God gave all of us to fight for the future of the country, not posting rubbish on social media, it is time for us to wake up and  face reality. Enough is enough.

Finally, he said I honestly recommend an amendment bill to be considered by National Assembly for Execution by Firing Squad for Public Officers who loot Public funds . Prison Sentences have proved ineffective lately.

Firing Squad will instill fear and discourage such flagrant abuse of Public trust like the NDDC and EFCC
saga which the Country have been enmeshed with lately

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