The Dream Eagles Squad– From 1960 to date!

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It is not an easy task to compile a list of 16 players that make up an assembly of the greatest team in 60 years of football in Nigeria, called ‘Dream Eagles’.

At best, it is an academic exercise. More so, when those to select the players are only 12 out of a population of 200 million football-crazy Nigerians.  But that’s what this game is – a personal selection of a squad of players with a captain from amongst them and a coach, by ‘Wise men’.

 The ‘Wise men’ are selected based on personal assessment of their worth and depth of knowledge and experience in Nigerian football. They represent different generations of the game from 1960 to date, and come from varied backgrounds but all related to football.

 These are their personal choices, for entertainment purposes only.

Dudu Orunme
Godwin Dudu-Orumen – Lawyer, administrator, analyst
Paul Okoku – ex-international football player, Scholar

Formation: 4-3-3 

  1.      Inua Lawal Rigogo, (GK)
  2.      Tony Igwe, (RB)
  3.      Sylvester Egborge, (LB)
  4.      Sani Mohammed (DMF)
  5.      Christian Chukwu, (CD)
  6.      Dominic Ezeani, (CD)
  7.      Segun Odegbami, (OR)
  8.      Sam Garba, (CMF) Capt.
  9.      Thompson Usiyan, (CF)
  10.      Haruna Ilerika, (AM)
  11.      Kunle Awesu, (OL).


  1.      Peter Fregene, (GK)
  2.      Patrick Ekeji, (D)
  3.      Stephen Keshi, (D)
  4.      Austin Okocha, (MF)
  5.      Rashidi Yekini, (CF)

Coach: Alabi Aissien

Formation: 4-3-3. 

  1. . Vincent Enyeama, (GK)
  2.   Sylvanus Okpala, (RB)
  3.   Isa Shofoluwe, (LB)
  4.   Muda Lawal, (DMF)
  5.   Christian Chukwu, (CD) Capt.
  6.   Godwin Odiye, (CD)
  7.   Segun Odegbami, (OR)
  8.   Aloysius Atuegbu, (CMF)
  9.   Thompson Usiyan, (CF)
  10.    Nwankwo Kanu, (AMF)
  11.   Adokiye Amiesimaka, (OL)


  1.  Emmanuel Okala, (GK)
  2.  Sunday Oliseh, (MF)
  3.  Rashidi Yekini, (CF)
  4.  Henry Nwosu, (MF)
  5.  Stephen Keshi, (D)

Coach: Adegboye Onigbinde 

Mallam Yakubu Ibn Mohammed – DG NTA, Journalist
Segun Adenuga
Segun Adenuga – veteran Sports Journalist, Standard, Daily Times, Punch, Herald, Democrat

Formation: 4-4-2

  1.   Inua Lawal Rigogo, (GK)
  2.   Tony Igwe, (RB)
  3.   Yisa Sofoluwe, (LB)
  4.  Muda Lawal, (DMF)
  5.  Christian Chukwu, (CD) Capt.
  6.  Sunday Oliseh, (CMF)
  7.  Segun Odegbami, (OR)
  8.  Samuel Garba Okoye, (MF)
  9.  Teslim Balogun, (CF)
  10.  Peter Anieke, (MF)
  11.  Rashidi Yekini, (CF)


  1.  Vincent Enyeamah, (GK)
  2.  Benedict Iroha, (D)
  3.  Sam Opone, (D)
  4.  Adokie Amiesimaka, (F)
  5.  Haruna Ilerika, (MF)

Coach: Abdulganiyu Salamiformer assistant national coach, junior national coach

Formation: 4-4-2

  1.      Inua Lawal Rigogo, (GK)
  2.      Anthony Igwe, (RB)
  3.      Augustine Ofokwu, (LB)
  4.       Muda Lawal, (DMF)
  5.      Segun Olumodeji, (CD)
  6.      Emmanuel Onyeador, (CD)
  7.      Daniel Okwudili, (OR)
  8.     Albert Onyeawuna, (IR) Capt.
  9.      Haruna Ilerika, (CMF)
  10.     Elkannah Onyali, (IL)
  11.     Dejo Fayemi, (OL)


  1.  Emmanuel Omiunu, (GK)
  2.  Godwin Achebe, (D)
  3.  Segun Odegbami, (F)
  4.  Patrick Noquapor, (OL)
  5.  Sam Garba, (M)

Coach: Dan Anyiam 

Ade Ojeikere
John Kalu – Club football coordinator
Ade Ojeikere
Engr. Bola Ayorinde – retired FIFA-graded Referee.

Formation: 4-4-2 

  1.  Vincent Enyeama, (GK)
  2.  Sylvanus Okpala, (RB)
  3.  Yisa Sofoluwe, (LB)
  4.  Muda Lawal, (DMF)
  5.  Christian Chukwu, (CD) Capt
  6.  Segun Olumodeji, (CD)
  7.  Segun Odegbami, (OR)
  8.  Aloysius Atuegbu, (CM)
  9.  Rasheed Yekini, (CF)
  10.  Austin Okocha, (AMF
  11. Adokie Amasiemeka, (OL)


12. Peter Fregene, (GK)
13.  Thompson Usiyen, (F)
14.  Stephen Keshi, (D)
15. Teslim Thunder Balogun, (F)
16.  Kanu Nwankwo, (M)

Coach:  Kadiri Ikhana


  1.  Emmanuel Okala, (GK)
  2.  Anthony Igwe, (RB)
  3.  Okey Isima, (LB)
  4.  Mudashiru Lawal, (DMF)
  5.  Segun Olumodeji, (CD) Capt
  6.  Godwin Odiye, (CD)
  7.  Segun Odegbami, (OR)
  8.  Mutiu Adepoju, (CMF)
  9.  Teslim Balogun, (CF)
  10. Haruna Ilerika, (CF)
  11. Adokie Amesiamaka, (OL)

12.  Vincent Enyeamah (GK)
13.  Yisa Shofoluwe (D)
14.  Henry Nwosu (MF)
15.  Christian Chukwu (D)
16.  Rashidi Yekini (F)

Coach: Alabi Aissien.

Obong Dele Atiba
Obong Dele Adetiba – Broadcaster/PR & Advertising Guru
Rafiu Ladipo
Dr. Rafiu Ladipo, – President-General, Nigeria Football Supporters Club.

Formation: 4-2-4

1. Inua Lawal Rigogo (GK)
2. Anthony Igwe, (RB)
3. Fabian Duru, (LB)
4. Muda Lawal, (DMF) Capt.
5. Segun Olumodeji, (CD)
6. Stephen Keshi, (CD)
7. Segun Odegbami, (OR)
8. Jay Jay Okocha, (CMF)
9. Paul Hamilton, (CF)
10. Nwankwo Kanu, (CF)
11. Dejo Fayemi, (OL)


12. Peter Fregene (GK)
13. Pat Ekeji, (D)
14. Alloysius Atuegbu, (MF)
15. Finidi George, (F)
16. Adokie Amiesimaka, (F)

Coach: Dan Anyiam

Formation: 4-2-4

1. Peter Rufai (GK)
2. Anthony Igwe, (RB)
3. Ben Iroha, (LB)
4. Muda Lawal, (DMF)
5. Christian Chukwu, (CD) Capt.
6. Stephen Keshi, (CD)
7. Segun Odegbami, (OR)
8. Daniel Amokachi (CMF)
9. Rashid Yekini (CF)
10. Jay Jay Okocha (CF)
11. Felix Owolabi (OL)


12.  Emmanuel Okala, (GK)
13.  Finidi George, (F)
14.  Emmanuel Amuneke, (F)
15.  Kanu Nwankwo, (MF)
16.  Henry Nwosu, (MF)

Coach: Amodu Shuaibu

Ade Ojeikere
Ade Ojeikhere – Journalist, columnist
Alabi Essien
Alabi Aissien – Coach / ex-international player

Formation:  4-3-3

(1980 Africa Cup of Nations Final Squad)

1.  Best Ogedegbe (GK)
2.  David Adiele (RB)
3.  Okey Isima, (LFB)
4.  Kadiri Ikhana, (DMF)
5.  Christian Chukwu, (CD) Capt.
6.  Tunde Bamidele, (CD)
7.  Segun Odegbami, (OR)
8.  Aloysius Atuegbu (CF)
9.  Muda Lawal, (CF)
10. Felix Owolabi, (MF)
11. Adokie Amiesimaka (LW)


12.  Emmanuel Okala, (GK)
13.  Godwin Odiye, (D)
14.  Henry Nwosu, (MF)
15.  Ifeanyi Onyedika, (F)
16. John Orlando, (D)

Coach: Alabi Aissien


1.  Victor Enyeamah, (GK)
2.  Patrick Ekeji, (RB)
3.  Okey Isima, (LFB)
4.  Muda Lawal, (DMF)
5.  Victor Oduah, (CD) Capt.
6.  Segun Olumodeji, (CD)
7.  Segun Odegbami, (OR)
8.  Odion Ighalo, (CF)
9.  Rashidi Yekini, (CF)
10. Jay Jay Okocha, (MF)
11. Humphrey Edobor, (LW)

12. Emmanuel Okala, (GK)
13. Stephen Keshi, (DF)
14. Thompson Usiyen, (F)
15. Nwankwo Kanu, (F)
16. Haruna Ilerika, (M)

Coach: Dan Anyiam

Patrick Ekeji
Patrick Ekeji – ex-international, coach and administrator 
Ade Ojeikere
Adeola Adelanwa Tori – ex-academicals footballer, businessman

Formation: 4-2-4

1.  Emmanuel Okala, (GK)
2.  Patrick Ekeji, (RB)
3.  Fabian Duru, (LB)
4.  Muda Lawal, (DMF)
5.  Christian Chukwu, (CD) Capt.
6.  Godwin Odiye, (CD)
7.  Segun Odegbami, (OR)
8.  Ben Popoola, (CMF)
9.  Thompson Usiyen, (CF),
10.  Kunle Awesu, (OL)
11.  Adokiye Amiesimaka, (AMF)


12.  Olu Onagoruwa, (GK)
13.  Segun Olumodeji, (D)
14.  Patrick Noquapor, (M)
15.  Emmanuel Onyeawuna, (F)
16.  Alloy Atuegbu, (M)

Coach: Alabi Aissien

Formation 4-4-2

1.  Vincent Enyeamah, (GK)

2.  Anthony Igwe, (RB)
3.  Celestine Babayaro, (LB)
4.  Muda Lawal, (MF)
5.  Uche Okechukwu, (CB) Capt.
6.  Chidi Nwanu, (CB)
7. Segun Odegbami, (OL)
8. Sunday Oliseh, (MF)
9. Finidi George, (OR)
10. Rashidi Yekini, (CF)
11. Thompson Usiyen, (CF)

12. Peter Rufai, (GK)
13. Joseph Yobo, (D)
14. Mikel Obi, (MF)
15. Nwankwo Kanu, (F)
16. Jay Jay Okocha, (MF)

Coach: Stephen Keshi

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