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Like a Shakespearean play, buhari’s term as president has been plague with tragedies. This is no fault of his; some occurrences are beyond human control. But the way and manner we respond to tragedies are within our control. The words of succor we offer and the steps we take to avoid further occurrences are well within the realms of rationalism, and can/should be rationalized.

Over the course of his presidency, President buhari has had to commiserate with the many victims of terror attacks. But while our president appears willing, even eager, to condemn terror attacks in Europe; he seems to remember the proverb ‘silence is golden’ when it comes to domestic terror in Nigeria. Even when statements are issued in response to local calamities; they’re poorly worded and nothing like the well-crafted shout out our president sends to Europe and America.

Below is a juxtaposition of the many condolences of president buhari, issued by his spokespersons, Garba Shehu and Femi Adesina. Please pay attention to the words and tone of these condolences. I let you be the judge.

Since our president has a thing for responding to terror attacks in foreign countries; let’s start from ‘the abroad’

President Buhari on the attack in Germany: President @mbuhari has expressed deep shock and horror at the shootings which recently rocked Munich, Germany. On behalf of the federal republic of Nigeria, PMB sends his most sincere condolences to the families & friends of victims of the barbaric act.

@ngrpresident says it is quite unfortunate and inconceivable that the forces of evil do not relent on their activities but expresses confidence that with the unanimity of purpose from all forces around the world the workers and perpetrators of these evil acts will not prevail. President @mbuhari also assures the people of Germany that Nigerians as a people are standing with them at this time and are ready to ASSIST (emphasis mine) in any way to defeat the planners and executors of such crimes – @garshehu – July 23, 2016
Yeah, you read right. President buhari wants to ASSIST Germany in the fight against terror.IMG_20160721_204251

How can Nigeria assist Germany in the war against terror?


President buhari on #OrlandoAttacks: “PMB extends his most sincere condolences to the families, relatives and friends of the victims. The president condemns such criminal, cowardly attack, wherever it might occur, as an attack on all decent, democratic and peaceful people” #PrayForOrlando – @garshehu
See; he even used the hashtag. That’s not all; a condolence letter was also dispatched with alacrity to the US ambassador in Nigeria, James Enwistle. Talk about white privilege.


President Buhari on the terrorist attack in Belgium (3-22-16): Nigeria stand “in full solidarity” with Belgium and wish those injured in the attacks a speedy recovery.

“The president assures the global community that under his leadership, Nigeria will continue to work with other countries of the world to ensure that terrorism never triumphs over free, peaceful and law-abiding nations and peoples of the world,”


President Buhari on the terrorist attack in France: (15-11-2015)
“On behalf of the government and people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Buhari conveys his heartfelt sympathy to President Francois Hollande and the people of France. “The President also extends sincere condolences to the families, relatives and friends of the unfortunate victims of the callous attacks, Mr Buhari “totally condemns the barbaric attacks which constitute an unacceptable affront to all human values and civilized norms.
“As a country which has borne the terrible human cost of terrorist attacks, Nigeria stands in full solidarity with the government and people of France as they mourn those who have sadly lost their lives in the attack on Paris.”
President Buhari called on all peace-loving nations of the world to intensify on going multilateral cooperation and collaborative actions aimed at bringing the scourge of international terrorism to a speedy end for the benefit of all nations”.


President Buhari on the terrorist attack in Ivory Coast: “President buhari conveyed the sympathy of the federal government and people of Nigeria to the people of cote D’ivioire as they mourn their compatriots and foreign visitors who lost their lives in the attack.
The president assured his Ivorian counterpart of Nigeria’s full solidarity and support as his country grapples with the consequences of the heinous attack and strives to overcome the new security challenges posed by the terrorist incursion”



President Buhari on the Bomb blasts in Abuja (October 3, 2015); “my heart goes out to the families of the dead and injured In Abuja and other parts of the country” – @femadesina…………Yeah, Darzoll.


President Buhari on the death of Mrs Bridget (Woman killed by Islamic mob in kano): “The incident at kofar market, kano city, is utterly condemnable, and the state government has been quite PROACTIVE (emphasis mine). Let us ensure that we keep the peace, as justice will be done. Let us learn to respect each other’s faith, so that we can know each other and live together in peace” – @garshehu
Proactive? Really? How?


President Buhari on the election violence in rivers state: “We will deal decisively with all sponsors of violence. I have given the security services clear directives in this regard.
“We will show that violence in any form will no longer be tolerated before, during or after elections,” I want all Nigerians to know that I respect them and their rights to choose their leaders” – March 16, 2016- Thisday newspaper.


President Buhari on the massacre of Shiites in kaduna by Nigerian army: “Certainly I know about the incident; I ought to do something about it and in fact I must do something about it.
“When it happened, I was in touch with the governor of kaduna state; interestingly the president of Iran spoke to me about it but I told him that as a government we have a system. I told him that if anything happens in one of the states, the governor has to physically visit the area and we have a system of investigation. But as the head of the federal government I have to wait for official report before I can come out to make a statement; so I am allowing the army and kaduna state government to come up with their reports.
I expect a report from a judicial commission of inquiry by the kaduna state government because it happened in kaduna in one of the cities”

And I was looking at president buhari like IMG_20160703_214557
NB: The kaduna state government has released the report of their commission of inquiry. We are still waiting for president buhari to weigh in on the allegation of genocide against the Nigerian army.

President buhari on the killings in Agatu: This picture says it all.



PS: If you didn’t deduce the point I was trying to make in this piece; it probably wasn’t for you in the first place. i didn’t mean that



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