Six Reasons Why Donald Duke would win the 2019 Presidential election

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Former Governor of Cross Rivers State, Donald Duke has officially launched his campaign for the presidency come 2019, for some this a very welcomed development as records rate the Ex-governor very high, distinguished from his peers during their time in office.

There are some who have asked where he has been for long, they believe Donald Duke has so much potential and would not mind having him at the helms of affairs in Nigeria, to see if he can do the same magic which transformed Cross Rivers state in the early 2000s.

Vast in various fields and having served in diverse capacities of business and politics, there is no doubt that millions of Nigerians would gladly vote Donald Duke Come 2019, here below are some more cogent reasons why Nigerians would place their mandates in the hands of the ex-governor of Cross Rivers state.

  1. A True Democrat.

Duke pushed for democracy and against military control. He was once quoted saying; “What got the military out of power was not democracy but the dreadful state of the economy. If we, the democratic government, cannot deliver food for the mass of people we can forget about democracy. He has a dedicated belief that the actualization of democracy is an important sphere for the growth of a country. And the people should be the priority of any government.  And if anyone can boast of dividends of democracy, it sure is Donald Duke.

  1. An Ambitious Man.

Duke received praises for his contributions to the fields of agriculture, urban development, government environment, information and communication, investment drive, and tourism making Calabar the cleanest city in Nigeria. He saw an opportunity and utilized it. He made Calabar one of the most visited states in Nigeria. And it generated resources for the state which incoming governors are still enjoying till date.

  1. An Economist

He initiated the Obudu Ranch International Mountain which attracted contestants and visitors from other countries. At the same vein, he created a special reserve fund for the state according to him, it was meant to ‘‘hedge against economic downturn, and the inevitable rainy day’’. This Funds was meant to cushion the effect of unforeseeable economic challenges that may occasion uncertainty in the state’s Internally generated revenue, as well as monthly allocation from the federal government. He also initiated the Calabar Carnival which started in 2004 and is popularly referred to as “Africa’s biggest street party and attracts a lot of tourists from far and wide. What do you think would happen to our country if Donald Duke becomes our president with unlimited resources at his beck and call?

  1. Safe Player

When Donald Duke initiated the Tinapa Resort project as a way to boost business and tourism in the state, over $350 million was spent on initial development before phase 1 opening in April 2007. You would say that is a lot of money right? But after his tenure, BBC reported in September 2006 that Governor Duke was the only governor specifically mentioned as not being under investigation by the Federal Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

  1. Young, Efficient and Intelligent

At 57, there is still so much he can do. His educational background is also an addition to how smart this man is He received his LLB degree in 1982 at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Nigeria, the B.L in 1983 from the Nigeria Law school and a L.L.M. in Business Law and Admiralty in 1984 From University of Pennsylvania. I think it’s time Nigerians give the Control of the nation to an educated man to take charge again. Calabar would do anything to have this man back as their Governor because they enjoyed unprecedented growth and development more than what they have now. Likewise, Nigeria.

  1. A Gentleman to the core

Donald Duke announced that he would run for the presidency in the 2007 presidential election, but stepped aside in favour of the eventual winner, Umaru Yar’Adua without causing a scene or joining a rival political party to accomplish his aim like most politicians did. He still stayed and gave his full support knowing his time would eventually come. Calabar enjoyed unprecedented peace when he was governor because of his composure and comportment.

With these reasons, do you think Donald Duke would win the hearts of over 200 million Nigerians and  get their votes in the upcoming election?


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