‘She Dey Carry My Daughter Go Hotel go F**k’ – Kelly Hansome Blasts Baby Mama on Instagram

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Nigerian singer and producer Kelly Hansome has accused his baby mama, Ronke Moradeyo of exposing his daughter to her promiscuous lifestyle.

The music star made his frustrations known via his Instagram page on Sunday, November 1, 2020.

Hansome and Moradeyo have been at loggerheads for a long time.

“Let me just say this, I do not want anybody to put their mouth in what’s going on between me and my daughter. The mama dey carry her go hotel go f**k! The mama dey carry her go do stupid things, dey dance to songs wen she nor supposed to dance to,” he said.

“I gave her a phone and over a year I have not spoken to my daughter and you are telling people that I don’t want to talk to my daughter. Which means you are just trying to set me up. You plan with evil people to tarnish my image and frustrate my career and I didn’t know.

“All the things and names of people wen you don confess to how you take spoil my name, I have all the confessions. All the receptionists of the hotels wen you don go wen I don bribe, I have it. I will publish it in due time. I don’t anybody to come and appeal ‘small pikin’ I dare any celebrity to come and say ‘Oh Kelly you are supposed to do this one’ then dem go tell me wetin dem talk wen she say I be deadbeat dad.”

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