#SexForGrades: UNILAG Shuts Down ‘Staff Club’, Where Lecturers ‘Sexually Harass’ Students

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The University of Lagos has shut down the ‘Cold Room’, where lecturers allegedly sexually harass students.

A statement issued by the Principal Assistant Registrar, Communication Unit of UNILAG, Mrs. Taiwo Oloyede disclosed that the University Management has ordered the shutdown of the Staff Club ‘Cold Room’ mentioned in the documentary for further investigation.

“The so-called ‘Cold Room’ is a Functions Room that may have been abused because this is a deviation from the purpose for which it was created which includes meetings, seminars and events,” the statement reads.

Mr Igbeneghu, in the BBC undercover documentary, described the secret place where lecturers meet to “touch students’ breasts” at the staff club of the university.

”They call the place cold room,” he said. He then explained that female students must pay to have good grades.

The statement further noted that “The University is embarrassed and dissociates itself totally from this act(s) and any inappropriate behaviour of staff with female students and vice versa.

“The University has a well-articulated ‘Policy on Sexual Harassment, Sexual and Romantic Relationships’. A copy of the University Sexual Harassment Policy was distributed to all members of staff and can also be obtained on the University website: https://unilag.edu.ng/wp-content/uploads/SEXUAL-HARRASMENT-UNILAG-COMMUNICATION-UNITS.pdf,”

“Various Committees over time have been set up to investigate reports received and those found guilty were sanctioned.

“To ensure our students are aware of the various opportunities for reporting any form of sexual harassment or misconduct towards them, the University organises an orientation programme for all new entrants sensitising them of the University’s zero-tolerance policy and acquainting them with the mechanisms for reporting.”

She added that the University Counselling Centre, Medical Centre and Division of Students’ Affairs, amongst other organs, have been well-positioned to address complaints by students.

”These organs have cut off the bureaucracy limiting the effectiveness of the Policy, by the direct reporting system of these Centres to the Vice-Chancellor. The University encourages students who have evidence to come forward. They are assured of their anonymity and safety,” she said.

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