See Young Girl Who Does Haircut, Sings And Plays Football (Photos)

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A high school girl identified as Charlotte may look just like any other student seen in most public schools, but she is an example of a talent that is rare for her gender.

 According to Laila News, the teenager is so talented that she has been able to perform very well in many fields, which is not so real for a girl of her age.

Charlotte is a barber, sings and plays football for her zone under-15 football team, as well as their netball team.

She is also a member of her zone under-15 table tennis team and also the master drummer of the cultural troupe in her school.

In addition to these amazing talent, Charlotte is also a very good singer and an amazing dancer as well.

Her story was shared on facebook by the name Paa Kwasi who also added that Charlotte is also very good in barbing.

The post read:

“This is Charlotte, a multi-talented JHS 2 pupil in my school. She’s a district under-15 soccer, netball and tennis player. She’s also the master drummer for the school’s culture troupe and a very good singer and dancer. She’s a very strong girl. Any words for her?” Indeed, such an amazing girl. One word to describe such a multi-talented kid?

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