See the Five Miraculous Things Garlic and Honey Can do to Your Body Including Fighting Cancer

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Garlic and honey are not new to homes as they are major ingredients that are used in our foods. But there are several other major uses of this herbs and sweetener that can improve our health.

Many people take the use of Garlic for levity as some do not even like using it at all because they find the odour offensive.

But a tablespoon of mashed garlic and honey mixed together and taken daily (preferably on empty stomach) can go as far as fighting diseases in our body.

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Here are the benefits of Garlic and honey:

IMMUNE BOOSTER: Garlic and honey helps keep the body stronger because it is an impressive immune boosting substance.

FIGHTS INFECTION: Garlic and honey is a natural immune booster that helps the body fight infection.

FIGHT CANCER: Garlic contains a compound called Allicin that helps lower cholesterol, fights heart disease and cancer.

BOOSTS SEXUAL LIBIDO: A combination of garlic and honey can help boost sexual performance in men.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Raw honey and Garlic has anti-oxidants that help reduce cholesterol and Allicin also helps to control high blood pressure.

There are many other things that a tablespoon of Garlic and honey daily can do to our body like reducing cholesterol, helps reduce muscle soreness, fights cold and flu, help nourish the skin, eyesight and hair.

Try using these natural remedies and see the great result it can give to your body.

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