See Photos of Landlady and Married Tenant Glued Together During Intercourse

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A married tenant got stuck while having sex with his landlady in a hotel room on Friday, 8 June, 2018, in Kitale town, Kenya.

The two locked themselves up in a room at Baraka Hotel and soon after, they were heard shouting while begging for help.

The wife had earlier informed the police that she noted her landlady normally disappears every time her husband went to Kitale for business appointments and she suspected there was a thing between the two.

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She later confronted her husband and revealed all the doubts she had, but nothing changed. She then decided to seek a witch doctor’s services and the witch used a trap which later exposed the lovers.

The management of the hotel contacted the police who hurriedly came to carry the ‘couple’ to the police station and the man’s wife then arrived moments later. The stuck lovers were then taken to an unknown location, where they were detached.

See photos below:

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