See one-legged lady who can Twerk.

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I woke up yesterday morning with this beautiful video of a One-legged lady twerking on my Instagram timeline, reposted by the popular Nigerian music star Yemi Alade, who recently announced a contest to get the best dance routine for her song ‘One Time’.

I was so much inspired that I also had to ‘repost’ and captioned it as this: “That there’s so much ability in your disability”, With the Hashtag #No Excuses!

Little did I know that I wasn’t the only inspired but many it blew yemi Alade away as well as many Nigerians as well.
By night fall, whilst reminiscing on the life, time and music of the late legend M.J (Michael Jackson) whose birthday would have been yesterday. I went online to discover that this lady has broken the internet with her story.

She’s not another Olajumoke – the bread seller but another female version of Nick Vijucic, who has decided to SEE NO LIMITS.


No matter the situation you find yourself in, never look at the dark side, rather focus on the bright and possible side, that way, you will never have an excuse not to succeed and win in whatever you set your eyes on.

so far, many beautiful dance routine entries have been pouring in but this dance group which comprises of two male and a lady who is one legged sent in their dance routine and I must say, it’s everything and more encouraging and inspirational.

When I played the video, I was thinking that the one leg was maybe a style to enhance their routine or something, but when the lady turned round I was left mouth opened in shock. Watching her do her thing beautifully well despite her “disability” will leave you baffled and encouraged to go for what you want no matter the barriers in front of you.

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