SARS Kidnap, Beat Victim, Then Get Paid N464,000 Ransom (Photos)

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The officers without a search warrant, illegaly broke into Royal crown Hotel Asolo Ikorodu and took Mr Emmanuel and some other people away.

They were taken to Ladegboye base ijede, where they were tortured for hours and threatened at gun point.

The beating and torture stopped and he was released after his mother was forced to give them 434,000 (Four Hundred and Thirty Four Thousand Naira) and an additional N30,000 (Thirty Thousand Naira) for her son to be released to her alive.

Which she transferred from her Access bank account to an account the officers gave her. The account the officers recieved the money is a Pagatech account for a Bio Integrated Global Resources bank account number 3756479401.

Find attached the proof of monies transferred,pictures of the police station and a picture of one of the SARS officers.

We thought they had stopped this illegal activity. We will not stop spreading this until these men are brought to book, the extorted money returned and get justice for Emmanuel Adegbite.




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