SARS Brutality: This is What Olamide Had to Say

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Popular Nigerian rapper, Olamide Adedeji has warned Nigerians to avoid arguing when dealing with police personnel.

Olamide disclosed this following the increasing spate of extrajudicial killings by men of the Special Anti Tobber Squad SARS.


According to him, citizens should take it easy when they are faced with any issue involving the police due to the incessant extra-judicial killings by security operatives.

Taking to his verified Twitter handle on Friday, Olamide stated that safeguarding one’s life was most important in such situations.

He wrote: “What is really going on? What is the way forward with this killing and police brutality? It’s increasing everyday and I feel ashamed because I know we all can do better

“And for you, oga police, no matter what you are going through just know taking an innocent life won’t solve your problem but add to your burden. We all can do better

“Everyone out there please try and be safe. there’s nothing more important in life than keeping yourself alive.

“I think it’s better you follow them to station than get into unnecessary argument that might lead to violence. We all can do better,” he wrote.

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