Sad And Painful Questions We Rarely Find Answers To—Ep1

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It goes both ways, I’ve heard of men that committed suicide thanks to heart break, some would become unrepentant alcoholics/junkies. Sometimes the topic “Relationship” might seem frivolous, but when you go through certain situations in your relationship, you’d realize the pain is incomparable; Your entire nervous system breaks down because “She didn’t pick my calls” , you are troubled because she told you she was going for a sleep over at her friend’s and you are sure some guys would be there. You are troubled because he is out with his homies and you are sure they would invite some really hot girls, then you call him twice and he doesn’t pick up… Oh he’s been online and he didn’t reply my message… Oh she’s taking pictures in an apartment that is not her father’s house…. these and many more… so whether you are directly affected or not.. there are questions….

Lets flog the frequently asked “Why’s”

Why do good men/women  fall in the hands of crazy ladies/guys that would use them and waste their time; Why?

Why do ladies have different category of guys on their list.. “For sex only” “For love” “For subscriptions” “For cruise of sharwarma,club outing,Movie,Netflix and chill”; Why?

Why do seemingly innocent men fall prey to conniving bitches that would take advantage of their love and exploit them; Why?

Why do gentle men fall in the hands of nagging/violent women and people would be like “the man is really cool, but his wife ehn…”; Why?

Why do ladies find it easier to get attracted to married men, either for their seeming “niceness or cuteness”? Why?

Why do married men prefer to share certain intimate secrets and sexual styles with their side chicks than their wives; Why?

Why do ladies feel more secure and assured dating a married man than a single guy? Why are most ladies happier and contented when they are the precious “side chicks”; Why?

Why do we find it easier to lie to our partners, why do we find it easier to tell our friends the truth and lie to our boyfriends/girlfriends; Why?

Why do we look them straight in the eye and say “I love you, you are the only one” and the whole time we know we are lying; Why?

Why do we fake it as ladies to impress the man and paint pictures of who we are not? Why do we forget “let them love you for who you are” and instead we try to be the perfect girls instead of laying down all our imperfections and bare our souls; Why?

Why do men fake lifestyles to chase a lady and then complain afterwards that she left when you became “broke”; Why?

(To be continued)

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  1. Olubunmi Elizabeth Albert-Abu says

    Great ‘whys’ raised. Mehn, there are sooo much more of these questions and their answers will definitely come from different perspectives. Relationship means different things to different people and it’s all based on our values. Well done Zion!

    1. ZION RUFUS says

      You are always welcome ma’am. Thank you always

  2. Rhaydioactive says

    Impatiently waiting for some answers

    1. ZION RUFUS says

      Sadly, some questions are best left unanswered

      1. Maziobi says

        if we can’t begin to find the answers to these questions, then whatever it was that made us ask them in the first place would have been a waste.. it may take a while but they won’t be left unanswered.

    2. Ellamaya says

      Same here oooooo

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