Ruggedman Announces ”What’s Happening With Ruggedman (Video)

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Ruggedman is proud to announce a brand new podcast called What’s Happening With Ruggedman.’

It is a video podcast powered by Ruggedman.

The show is designed to provide an avenue for the host (Ruggedman) to discuss hot-topic issues, trends, local and international stories, e.t.c with selected guests in a comfortable setup.

Emphasis for the show is on keeping the conversation going on selected issues without alienating divergent perspectives.

Guests on the show will include local and international celebrities, business owners, individuals representing organs of the government, multinational organizations and non-governmental organizations.

What’s Happening with Ruggedman is designed to be an all-round podcast that appeals to the general public and will be informative, educative and still fun to watch.

About the host, Ruggedman

As one of the pioneer hip-hop artists in Nigeria, Ruggedman remains one of the most influential voices in the music industry.

Over the years he has built a reputation as a strong voice against societal ills and his intention is to take advantage of his teeming fan-base and goodwill to champion causes that encourage equal treatment of Nigerians and citizens of the world.

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