REVELED! 5 Reasons Christians May Loose Their Jobs

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Editor’s Note: In this piece by our contributor, Martins The Xtratainer, the author examines the travails of Christians all over and draws parallels between their faith and their growth within the economies in which they find themselves.

The Bible is the most complete book ever, it is the peculiar manual of Christians. It has sufficient and wise counsels on every aspect of life in form of stories, parables, psalms and proverbs.

Some call it “Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE)’’. Sadly, a lot of Christians are yet to or forget to see it this way and act as accordingly.

As Christians we must learn to be followers of Christ and walk in his spirit of excellence. His matchless wisdom and strategic responses to situations fetched him flawless success each time the Pharisees and Sadducees appeared with ugly motives.

Attitude and comportment in business environments are no exceptions to the unlimited wisdom available to Christians.

From my careful observation, I discovered some major reasons that lead to loss of jobs and business opportunities by many Christians.

  1. Misappropriation of Time

Why must you use company lunch time to do special whatsapp family prayer meeting and you start running down to the cafeteria to eat when all ICT staffs are supposed to monitor some information on their workstations?  Time Management is key in any business environment. “To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven’’. Ecclesiastes 3vs1. Amplified Bible.

  1. Deviant dressing

Every business environment has its culture and the dress mode is a major part of it. Why accept the letter of appointment with all the terms and conditions if you cannot attend daily in the looks of what the job requires? Some Christians dress in such a way that even repels potential customers. You are addressed the way you are dressed.

  1. “By the special Grace of God” syndrome

A certain young man said, when some Christians say “by the grace of God I will be there”, don’t be too sure of their getting to deliver, and when they say “by the special grace of God I will be there”, quickly look for an alternative. This is a very bad reputation, it is nothing  but an annoying lazy-man’s show of irresponsibility. If there are chances of you not meeting up with appointments, then honesty state the possibilities and save your integrity.

  1. Opinion among colleagues

Have you observed that, knowing your peculiarity, your colleagues tend to want to know your take on almost any general issue discussed during staff unofficial chat? These should tell you how they see you. Some Christians fail to realize this and engage in unhealthy gists about superiors and even management. This is a very quick way of getting yourself kicked out. Let wisdom and love be clearly seen in your opinions relating to the enterprise as well as other colleagues.

  1. Fear of the unknown

In every true christian is the spirit of boldness and not of fear. The latter may be very disastrous to his/her ability to maintain integrity and probity. A lot of political tendencies are associated with every business environment and cases like this, wisdom is profitable to direct. Why must you be afraid to calmly talk to your superior who is a man and you use the same tongue to talk to your heavenly father in whose hands is the heart of kings. Say a quick prayer in your closet and tell the Holy Spirit to direct your tongue, then go to your bosses office and respectfully stand your ground!

N/B: All views and opinions on this piece are as written by MARTINS, The Xtratainer. These views do not in anyway represent or reflect the editorial policy of Yawnaija,TV.


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