REVEALED! What DSS Report Says About Oshiomhole (A piece by Fredrick Nwabufo)

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Editor’s Note: In this pieces, Fredrick Nwabufo takes a deep plunge beyond the surface of the “Corruption” mantra that tends to have become the only song Nigerians have head from the Buhari-led government in the last three years. Nwabufo poses questions and raises issues that tell a great deal about the operations of the APC government, leaving readers to come to a decision on whether this government’s claims regarding the fight against corruption can be trusted, Nigerians are also left to decide if Buhari is worth a second tenor.

A Second Look At The APC Primaries

The depth of filth in the APC primary election can contain a tsunami. The “inglorious” exercise and its resulting attrition betray the anti-corruption sloganeering of the Buhari administration.

A lot has been said about the alleged involvement of Adams Oshiomhole, APC national chairman, in the corruption shin-dig. But what is the position of the DSS? The secret police interrogated Oshiomhole, and really did ask him to resign over allegations of bribery.

Was it right in making this demand of him? What effectuated the agency to toe such a controversial and unpopular path?

Well, the DSS has submitted the report of its investigations to the presidency, and it recommended the prosecution of the APC chairman. The new DSS chief is said to be a man of integrity and unbending principle, and will not brook any compromise.

The case against Oshiomhole is that he allegedly received a total bribe of $55 million, some of which were allegedly remitted into proxy accounts, one of them his niece’s. Though some party chieftains claim it is $80 million. Hope Uzodinma, APC Imo governorship candidate, was alleged to have paid a bribe of $3 million while Rochas Okorocha offered $500,000, which was rejected. Dapo Abiodun, Ogun state governorship candidate, was also alleged to have offered $5 million. And one Farouk Adamu is alleged to be the “coordinator”, who also allegedly shared $17 million bribe from Zamfara with Niyi Adebayo and some party leaders. The DSS report contains, much, the details of the transactions.

But why does the presidency appear lethargic in this matter? Why is there no reaction at this point?

I believe this is a test, which if flunked would pooh-pooh whatever credibility this government has left. Though President Muhammadu Buhari seems resolute about allowing Oshiomhole face the law, there seems to be counter forces within the presidency and in the APC against his resolve.

Can Buhari prevail? Will Buhari prevail? Or will this be another Babachir Lawal?

There is a sore argument that the case is a party affair; hence should not be the subject of a security probe or prosecution. But does the APC exist on Mars? Is the party a law onto itself? Does it exist outside Nigerian laws? If a crime has been supposedly committed the offender must submit to the law of the land, and not the APC law.

Really, it is a mockery of the anti-corruption war if the presidency succumbs to pressure and ride with the current on this issue. It will be another own goal. In fact, if the APC government deodorises the alleged corruption in its own house, it cannot fumigate it elsewhere.

The silence of the presidency is deafening. It must realise that this case has gone beyond the party. It is now an issue of state interest, and should be treated as such.

But will the presidency ride against this tide?

About the author

Fredrick Nwabufo is one of Nigeria’s most competent political analysts, with vast knowledge regarding politics from grassroots to the top both locally and on the international stage. This media personality can be reached on Facebook: Fredrick Nwabufo, Twitter: @FredrickNwabufo.

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