REVEALED! 5 Major Things You Must Not Do On Easter Friday

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Good Friday is the Friday that precedes the Easter, it is also called Black Friday or the Great Friday.

In Christendom, it is said to be the day Jesus Christ of Nazareth was nailed to the cross at a place called Golgotha – place of the skull.

As with many other religious celebrations, Good Friday has its dos and don’ts, below are 5 major things that should not be done on Easter Friday

1. Do not dance: In contrast to the good which is affixed to the Friday, this  day is not a day for celebrations and as such, no one is expected to dance, I mean, who goes dancing when a loved one is killed in  such a gruesome manner such as the cross.

2. No Meats: Well the Good Friday is part of the lent period that ushers in the Easter, and as such, no meats are expected to be eaten, it is a day for mourning and as such you must deprive yourself of the pleasures of meat, if you must eat at all, try fish.

3. Say “NO” to sex: This is a period when you reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross at Calvary, hence you cannot be having canal knowledge of anyone and reflecting, you have to hold your body and tune your mind, shikina!!!

4. Desist from Smoking/Drinking: It is true that some people turn to booze and smoke when they lose a loved one, but not on this occasion, because the one who died is not a fan of booze and smoking. Thus, in respect of the messiah, Christians are advised to turn away from these worldly pleasures.

5. Abstain from Using Internet For Pleasure: At this moment when sober reflection is needed, you can be sure that surfing the net for pleasure will be a distraction. So focus more on the bible and the things of the spirit.

Good Friday is a very important day in world Christendom, on this day, some persons wear black, as one would when they attend a funeral or when are mourning the death of a loved one.

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For some, covering their mirrors is very important and extinguishing their candles and any lamps burning before icons is paramount.

It is said that because Jesus was on the Cross between the hours of Noon and 3 p.m, these three hours today are considered the most sacred of all.

Regardless what you do today, perhaps what is most important is that we do not play the hypocrites, offering lip service and eye-service instead of really pouring our hearts.

Those who are Christians must remember to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ in their lives everyday.

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