REVEALED! 5 Magical Ways To Keep Your Woman Crazy In Love With You Forever

Top 5 Mind Blowing Ways To Keep Your Lady Happy Forever

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Let us begin by saying that there are no specific ways by which a you can keep a person happy forever, however, there some few trick in the relationship game that keeps the passion sizzling.

Too many relationships these days end almost instantly and a great portion of the few that survive tend to move on just as mere formalities.

In a bid to see that many more relationships last longer than the average now and even forever as many say, we at have come up with 5 things that the male folks can do to ensure that their ladies and women remain hooked to them forever, after all, it is a man’s world but it is nothing without a woman.

Here are 5 magical ways to keep a woman crazy in love with you, even till the end of time.  We begin from 5 – 1

5. Give her good loving always

There are so many problems that would easily be solved with very good sex, hence, the reason why experts will always prescribe this therapy.

Many men have cultivated the habit of not having adequate sex with their ladies and their are records to show that this particular issue has led to the breaking of many love relationships.

It gets a little deeper when a some therapist tell men than they must do more beyond penetrations, oral and other forms of engaging sex would go a long way in bonding couples.

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4. Be her personal ATM

Say what ever you want to say, we all like money, and like good food is a way to a man’s heart, plenty money will go a long way in winning a woman’s affection and keeping her to yourself forever. They say ‘soup wey sweet, na money kill am’, money answers all things and the love of a woman is not out of the question.

3. Shower her with gift always

Just like the money formula, showering a woman with fancy things from time to time and as often as possible, will let her know that she means a lot to you and it is in this constant realization that her affection for you is rekindled.

Men who know how to give good gifts rarely have a problem with keeping their women crazy in love with them, except if the foundation of the relationship was not genuine.

2. Listen to her like your life depends on it

There is nothing that turns a lady off more that a guy who just loves the sound of his own voice and would not listen when he is being talked to.  If you can only give her a little more attention, listen to what she has to say, it doesn’t have to be super interesting, just lend her your ears and she will give pour into them her soul, that way you will have her madly in love with you.

1. Always appreciate her in every way

Women love to be appreciated and indeed they deserve appreciation. Our women do a lot and with apprejciation, even those who do not do much, will be forced to attempt doing things worthy of praise. Hold in at the tip of your tongue, sweet words of praise, heartfelt appreciation for who she is and who she can become, they more you make her feel special, the more she is attached to you who hold the keys to making her feel unique.

If you can appreciate your woman in a special way that none other can, then you can be sure that she will always crave for you, if for only a doze of your words that extol her beyond heavens.

Enough said, these are our five tips that would help your relationships last longer and keep your lady crazy in love with you. Go on and try them out and let us get feedbacks as regards what your relationship was before you read this piece and what your love life became after you read our article.

If you feel there are some other magical

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