Resign And Focus On Your Health – Fayose Tells Buhari

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Weeks after Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, left on a medical trip, the governor of Ekiti state, Ayodele Fayose, has asked the president to resign.

Speaking with reporters in Lagos on Tuesday, He Said:

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“So far, the APC-led federal government has been a government of misadventure and Nigerians are worse for it.

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“They say they are fighting corruption but are shielding corrupt elements within their fold. Members of the opposition defect to the APC for protection‎. Fighting corruption is more than discovering huge sums of money all over the place, with nobody being traced to be the owners, moral corruption too is bad.

‎”He can do us the great help by resigning. Not resigning bothers on his integrity.‎ His absence allows others to suppress and oppress others and that means he is allowing others ‎ to suppress their fellow human beings.‎ There are many governments in one and they are clueless.‎ We need an active president going by our numerous challenges. ‎

‎”How long will Nigerians wait for an incapacitated president‎? We cannot wait again for somebody to hold us to ransom.‎ I don’t have any bad blood against Buhari; Osinbajo has no powers without the president. He owes us the duty to tell us the state ‎of his health.”

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