Quick Five At 5: Five Important Reasons To Have Casual Sex.

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It’s hard to be sincere when one talks about topics like this, I mean in a world where many people ‘act’ the saint and there are so many holy people ( well, aren’t there?).

I don’t want to sound like a flirt ambassador and this is no reason to think I haven’t heard that pre-marital sex is not good (well for the world to even exist… ok I digress). 

You have definitely heard thousands of reasons why you shouldn’t have casual sex, but everything that has a negative part also has a positive one remember? so you have probably been missing the good reasons why you should.

Having casual sex is like exploring (the type of sex  that has only a drop of feelings attached, like just clicking with someone with a kind of craze that measures up to yours) it brings a lot of fun and can help you in discovering certain parts of you. It is hard to admit, but sometimes sex should not always be about emotions.

So, today at 5, we are sharing with you 5 interesting good things you need to know about casual sex.

. It is Fun
You are not trying to please any one,  just have all the fun you can while the moment lasts. It’s a time you get all the room to experiment all the ideas in your head and those you have watched. It can happen anywhere, in any form, I mean there’s a lot of creativity that can come at this moment when you know all you are doing is having fun. It allows you to try different things without any of the emotional attachment that might make things awkward, you can invent, do trials, make memories and very importantly, use protections.

SO while you are going to keep you heels on or just pounce on him in your school girl or cat woman costume, please remember protections, these diseases are not casual neither will you have a casual 9 months carrying a child inside you, even ante-natal bills  and baby foods are not casual.

. It doesn’t make you a bad person
Honestly, having casual sex does not mean you are a bad person, forget what people will think or say, you don’t even have to let them know do you? Just do what you feel you want to do, the way you choose what to eat when you are hungry.
This probably is the reason many don’t want to try it, but really even the once you worry about are guilty and you are missing the fun they are having, just be like them, don’t say a word about it, and then everyone is a saint and the world is a better place.


.  It Can boost Your confidence in yourself
It is more like an experiment here guys, you can learn a lot about you and feel very confident in your prowess (LOL). But, honestly when you have sex without the pressure of trying to please a partner, it has a way of catapulting you ego and believe in yourself and body. The sweet words and crazy things you do with that mate has a way of making you feel super whole and proud of your assets and skills.


It helps the Body
Sex has many advantages, it is another form of exercise, one that comes with pleasure and it is very good for your body. Aside the tumbles and many ups and downs that makes hour hearts beat really fast,having an orgasm can help to keep your body physically fit and in good health, it also helps to release feel-good hormones which impacts on your personal positively.

. It is an escape
Amidst work stress and the day to day hustle, sometimes one needs to take time off the many rigorous activities. Having an orgasm can have immense effect on stress levels, reducing them to the barest minimum especially when you are not even about the heavy pumps and knockout games, it’s just casual sex, it won’t hurt but help relieve you.

Before you ruin it by adding emotions, good luck with the fun.

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