Quick Five at 5: Did You Get Jilted? Here are 5 Things You Need To Know

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Hello guys!

So it’s 5 o’clock  and our Quick 5 today is about getting on if you get jilted.

Break ups can be really rough, really it is sad to see a relationship that once seemed like the best thing to happen suddenly go sour or come to an end.

If initiated by your partner, it can be really very hard to deal with (I don’t know if it hits the initiator as bad as it hits the jilted partner though), I mean the reasons for breakups differ.

Well, weather it happens suddenly or you sort of saw it coming because things had started to change at some point,here are 5 quick things you must know and be armed with when breakup happens.

1. The pain will come: it cant be easy butyou will have to deal with it, sad as it isit is real, it has happened and my dear, real life is not Disney.

2. Stay off: People say “when two ex lovers can remain friends, it is either they are still in love, or they were never in love”. Well that is  perhaps true, but honestly,  STAY OFF!  Keep your space for a while (not necessarily a permanent one but a reasonable duration) at least till you are sure you can relate with them normally,  especially on platonic grounds.

3. Let go of the memories and the memory triggers: it could be gifts, places you visited together or songs you both loved, start to avoid them; doing this, you are gradually moving on and forgetting your grief.

4. Talk to friends; Mingle: No! I don’t mean “run to your friends and start a talk show session about what happened with you and your ex”. Honor invites for gigs and ‘safe’ hangouts with well-meaning friends.

5. Stay active : Don’t go on mourning for too long, leaving every hair you have on your body unkempt, growing beards and just sitting at home eating cheese balls and listening every breakup song  Adele ever did ( Oh wait! all of her songs), come on darling! go back to work or just get busy with something aside your playlist of depressing songs.

I know, I know how extremely HARD these might be, but nothing is actually ever easy, even loving.

There you go! our Quick 5 at 5 guys!

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