President Buhari To Query IGP Idris For Disobeying His Order – Femi Adeshina

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President Muhammadu Buhari will question the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris on why he disobeyed his relocation order to Benue State as directed.

Mr. Adesina made this known while appearing on a RayPower FM public affairs programme, Political Platform, Tuesday morning.

Adesina said before taking any action, Buhari would give the IGP chance to defend himself on the allegation made by stakeholders of the state at a townhall meeting Buhari had with them in Makurdi on Monday.

The President has been scrutinized particularly from Nigerians on social media after he told the people in Benue that he was unaware that IGP Idris disobeyed his order to remain in Benue until normalcy was restored.

The President, yesterday met with farmers, herdsmen, government officials and other stakeholders in Makurdi as part of his visit to troubled states on Monday. He however, denied insinuations that he was not interested in what was happening to Benue State.

“I cannot overlook the killings in Benue or any other part of Nigeria. I cannot do that. I am genuinely worried about the attacks in Benue and we are doing everything to end them,” he said.

Mr. Buhari, however, said he was surprised that the IGP, Ibrahim Idris, did not spend a day in Benue when he ordered him to relocate to the state and remain there till peace was restored.

“I am getting to know this in this meeting. I am quite surprised,” he said.

 Speaking Tuesday morning, the special adviser to the president, Mr. Adesina stated that the president has other channels of information but does not receive all information.“It just tells you that the president is not omniscient,” Mr. Adesina said.

“As president and commander-in-chief, he has other channels, but it doesn’t mean that he gets every information under the sun.”

When told that when it concerns security, the president is expected to be adequately kept abreast of development and must be in the know, Mr. Adesina said such expectation was incorrect.

“It is not correct, even in the best countries in the world, the super powers, there still would be security breaches and failures. It is not correct…”

Commenting on why there had been killings in places like Plateau State even when the president visited, Mr. Adesina said the lessons from such occurrence is that security is a collective responsibility.

“The message it (the killings) sent is that security is a collective responsibility; it is no the responsibility of the president alone. What Nigerians expect is that everything will flow from the to which is not correct. It rather should even flow from the bottom up.

“What Nigerians expect is that the president would be like a knight in shining armour who comes to settle all security issues even in wards and villages and hamlets. No, it doesn’t work that way,” he said.

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