Opinionette! Could This Be The Real Reason Buhari Has No WAEC Certificate? – Col. Ben Gbulie (rtd)

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Editor’s Comment: Col. Ben Gbulie (rtd) has thrown more light on the controversy surrounding the APC presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari and his alleged release of a Toronto certificate to online media instead of INEC.

In this brief opinionnette  culled from Col. Ben Gbulie’s piece titled “Nigeria’s Five Majors” , the former military officer addressed some key issues Nigeria is facing and will face in the build up to the 2019 election with regards to the certificate of Retired Generals in this democratic dispensation. 

Read below an insightful take on the WAEC certificate saga trailing the campaign of Buhari and other Generals in the run for 2019.

The Unqualified has always ruled Nigeria

In an attempt to catch up militarily with the South, the Northern politicians had thrown out all discretion. They had lowered standards of admission drastically, settling for the minimum.

For as I recalled, all the Northerners in my intake had been trained at the Mons Officer Cadet School in Aldershot. And they had become officers after barely six months of military training, whereas those of us who had been sent to Sandhurst had had to do two long years to earn the Queen’s Commission.

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The implications were quite clear – and most disturbing. Not only had these Northerners become commissioned officers before we were half-way through our first year at Sandhurst, they had all risen to the enviable rank of Captain before we could even appear at the sovereign’s parade which served essentially as a prerequisite for our passing out as Second Lieutenants.

The 1964 glitch

By 1964 a group of young Nigerian officer-cadets, mostly Northerners, had been declared academically unfit and hence repatriated by the Canadian military authorities.

These cadets were however pronounced commissioned by the Nigerian Federal Government no sooner than they had arrived at the Ikeja Airport. Consequently they had had to be absorbed into the Nigerian Army as commissioned officers, even though they had received no requisite military training.

Zak (Maimalari) had held the rank of Captain in 1960. But before my return from the United Kingdom in 1963, he had soared to the top rank of Brigadier. In other words, he had risen from Captain to Temporary/Major, to Substantive/Major, to Temporary/Lieutenant-Colonel, to Substantive/Colonel and then to Brigadier, all within that short span of time. It was just scandalous.

N/B: The above opinion is culled from Col Ben Gbulie (rtd)’s piece titled “Nigeria’s Five Majors” majorly from page 13, published 1981. Following the claims that many of the big generals we know from the north are not properly, is it then very pertinent that Buhari and other Generals submit their certificates to INEC, or can we say that because of their heights in the army then they are above question on something such as the WAEC certificate.

Let us know what your opinion on this issue is.

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