Only Six Of The Dangerous Criminals That Escaped From Prison Has Been Rearrested

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The Comptroller-General of Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS), Ja’afaru Ahmed, yesterday, confirmed that 13 dangerous prisoners being detained for varying degrees of henious crimes escaped from Koton Karfe prison in Kogi State over the weekend(saturday)

Six of the detainees have however been recaptured and have been transported back to the prison and are now under stricter restrictions

Investigation into the event however revealed that the break was masterminded by the inmates, They broke the walls of the the fence and scaled through the rubbles

A statement by the NPS spokesman, Frances Enobore, said a three-man panel was raised to investigate the circumstances surrounding the break and to punish every individual that was involved in the break in one way of the other and also to devise ways to prevent a reccurence

A security source, who spoke in confidence to The Nation said: “It’s as if someone in the prisons did not do his/her job and prisoners took advantage of that to escape.

“The negligence may be ‘intentional’ and I hope the authorities will probe the break to forestall a recurrence. The remanding of some kidnap kingpins, paraded by the DSS, last week, may not be unconnected with the break.”

Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello, Also revealed that structures are being put inplace to ensure such an incident dosent reoccour and said that proper investigations will be made to make sure the escaped convicts didnt get help from the staffs of the prison


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