#OkadaBan “Sanwoolu No Want Our People For Lagos Again” Danfo Drivers Increase Transport Fares

A trader cries out

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Even after Mc Oluomo, the State chairman of the National Union Of Road Transportation Workers (NURTW), Lagos State Chapter, had cautioned danfo bus drivers against fare hikes, it has so far been realised that the warning was in no way considered; let alone accepted and bus drivers have taken to their decisions to exploit the situation.

The warning which was published in an official statement by the NURTW chairman  six days ago, has apparently fallen on deaf ears as the masses are still compelled to pay through their nostrils just to get to their various destinations. Fare differences have gone as high as four hundred (400) to five hundred naira (500) in areas and routes such as Ojota, Yaba, Surulere, Ketu, and others.

A petty trader trying to load her baskets of tomatoes and pepper was alarmed when the bus conductor declared the fare to be six hundred naira(600), from Ojota to Mile 12. Commuters who had no choice, considering they have to be in their offices were compelled to board. The middle aged market woman was asked to unload her baskets but she couldn’t do it alone, the conductor was in a brawl with a tout. He hopped on the bus and angrily pulled out the baskets, spilling the contents on the road.

To us, onlookers, there was little to nothing we could do. I watched the poor woman wail. It was a sorry sight.

Sanwoolu no want poor people for Lagos again. Na why all these things dey happen. Na why he ban keke. I get keke before wey dey help me carry my market go mile12. How much be my gain if i first of all use six hundred naira (600) carry motor...” She said as she went on to pick the smashed tomatoes; Teary eyed.

Whichever regulatory body that needs to attend to this rising situation, should do it fast. This is in no way a poverty alleviation scheme; This is incessant exploitation.’

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