#OkadaBan: Is The Lagos State Governor Truly A Buffalo Soldier?

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The Lagos government has shut the economy against the bike-hailing startup in an infamous Okada Ban policy.

Recall that on Monday, January 27, 2020, the Lagos government announced a ban on the activities of Okada and Keke Napeps in some Local Government Areas like Apapa, Lagos Mainland, Surulere, Eti Osa, Lagos Island, Ikeja effective from February 1, 2020.

What is at play?

How saddening it is to see the masses riot amongst themselves. the government is against us, why then should we war against ourselves?

Setting fire to peoples houses and vandalising cars, increasing transport fares and exploiting people…. aren’t we supposed to be in this together and be our brother’s keeper?

We can’t even say that those with cars won’t feel the brunt of this insensitive move; For instance, there are people who work at apapa and for the longest years they preferred leaving their cars at home considering the bad roads and heavy traffic on that route, now they have to put the lot of those cars back on the road, invariably increasing traffic. Not forgetting the Sixty four (64) BRT busses that have just been dispatched.

What then is the government preventing?

To ignore the possible threats that would arise as a result of the ban on Okada in Lagos, would be to lay one’s bed under a burning roof. In addressing this issue, there are two ways;

The first, The government supposedly hiding behind the flimsy facade of safety precautions and traffic reduction to initiate this ban , shows that there’s an infinite clause in their thought process.

For a fact, the influx of Youths from Chad,Mali, and Niger is truly a cause for suspicion. They come in under the guise of greener pastures and becoming Okada riders.

But albeit that we use war to prevent war? Rendering countless Igbos, Yorubas, and Hausas jobless without any form of compensation is prone to bring more harm than solution.

Cutting off the legs won’t fix the headache.

The revolution that has already begun even years back will finally have a foothold.

Petty thieves would be able to pick pockets freely, considering the traffic of pedestrians trying to get to their destinations in a hurry.

The mobs would vandalise properties and wage war against armed forces.

Bus drivers would increase transport fares to an alarming rate and in no time, fuel scarcity and price increase would set in.

No thanks to the traffic congestion, there is a high tendency that robbery at gun point in traffic would begin, again.

For the second part, there is a bigger deal at play. More than a revolution, beyond the “Safety and traffic”, there is a bigger story that is brewing and this “Okada ban” is just a ploy to distract the media’s attention from whatever is going on.

Invariably, the truth is always like smoke in a canister; it seeps out eventually.

Soon enough, barb wires, tall fences, and heightened security won’t be able to keep anyone safe.

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