Nigeria’s Sports Hall of Shame by Segun Odegbami

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Most countries in the developed world have a Hall of Fame. This is a structure housing memorials to heroes and famous individuals in a particular sector. The best known is in Sports. It is the highest honour for an athlete to be inducted into his country’s Hall of Fame.

Nigeria did not have any such institution until 1998, when the Federal Government established the first ever Sports Hall of Fame for Nigerian Athletes in the city of Abuja.

…………..Shockingly, the national Hall of Fame was located in a small rented office space, in a building far from Abuja township, jam packed with priceless artifacts, souvenirs, films, pictures, books and videos of Nigeria’s famous and legendary sports heroes through several generations across all sports from even before Independence. ………

What happened to the project? For years no one seemed to know, ..or cared.

…..Finally, some light is been shone on the project and some persons deserve to be in jail for this rape of our national heritage.

To read the body of this incredible revelation get a copy of Saturday’s edition of any of Complete Sports, the Guardian and Vanguard newspapers. Or visit my website on the same day. Watch out for the link soon on this platform.

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