MOVIE REVIEW: Three “issues” you will have to confront in #DivorceNotAllowed.

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So, I watched Mike Ezuruonye’s #DivorceNotAllowed on Saturday, despite the skepticism that filled my mind when I first stumbled upon the web banner a week before. It didn’t look like the kind of movie I would want to watch at the cinema but when I saw the trailer on Instagram, it brought about a level of curiosity in me that needed to be satisfied.
Truth be told, I had checked online on Friday (the day it debuted at the cinemas) and Saturday for early reviews, but I didn’t see any – so I went with a blank mind, hoping to be satisfied, and boy! I had a good time laughing and taking some keynotes.
Here are three of the most important issues I discovered in the movie, which I feel I should share with every couple out there; married or unmarried.
First things first, Divorce not Allowed is a romantic comedy that dabbles into the more common issues couples face (in Nigeria especially) and how they go about solving them, albeit hilariously – as the case was in the movie.
Now that we are clear about what the movie is about, let me get to the point of this article.
1. The 80-20 issue
This is the biggest lesson of the movie for me. The 80-20 issue is common to most of us, and it is basically about the insatiable nature of man. We tend to get so used to the 80 we have and stop appreciating it the moment we come across a 20 in another person. What we forget is that there is no one who’s born perfect. Hycient in the movie had a good wife (albeit deeply religious), but he wanted a woman who could fulfill his fantasies. He went for that classy woman, but she couldn’t offer him what he had always taken for granted in a good wife.
If there is something I would love to impress on you here, it will be that you don’t have to lose something before discovering its worth. The 80 you have will always be greater than the 20 you are lusting after.
2. Ungratefulness is a cancer.
‘Divorce not Allowed’ also taught me something about ungratefulness, through the story of Chucks, a successful and flamboyant actor; and his wife Ego, a typical local housewife. First, you will wonder how Chucks ended up with such a woman who is apparently not at par with his social status. Secondly, for the better part of the movie, he is doing all he can to get her to divorce him, and not the other way round. You’d later find out why – I can’t tell you because I want you to watch this movie too – so, no spoilers. But the story of Chucks and Ego touches the subject of ungratefulness between a couple. Most people stop loving their spouses when they suddenly attain a particular status. They start seeing their spouse as beneath them, try to hide them, and just relegate them to the background.
What they usually don’t realize is that; the spouse who stood by you on your way to the top, can never be compared with the one who doesn’t know your struggle. Be grateful to the one who appreciated and accepted you as a rough diamond.
3. Selfishness!
When you hear the word “selfish”, it means brazenly putting yourself before others, but it’s not that simple, at least according to ‘Divorce Not Allowed’. I was able to see another twist to being selfish through the lens of the Linda and Joe’s side of the story.
Linda happens to be her husband’s boss, and never passed on the chance to ridicule him, even in the presence of subordinates. Joe, however, wouldn’t leave her because of this! The biggest part was that Linda wanted to subdue her husband in everything, including sex! She always demanded to be on top, or there would be no sex.
Things soon got to a height between the couple, and we soon find out that Linda has been acting that way because of an issue she witnessed between her own parents. The experience led her to become a mini-devil to her husband and almost destroying her home.
The story of this couple further stresses the lesson for every couple to let their past experiences remain where it should be; in the past! There is really no point letting an innocent person suffer from the ugly experiences you faced in the past. Freshperson, fresh life, fresh experience.
 These are three issues I believe to be common in marriages and relationships. The director, along with the entire cast did a good job to play out the story beautifully.
The movie was not without flaws in some areas, but you can be rest assured that the flaws will not make you demand your money back, neither will they make you feel you wasted your time watching.
‘Divorce not Allowed’ is a movie you should see, with your spouse or partner.





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