Love Me Or Leave Me Alone

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Love Me, Or Leave Me Alone. No one is allowed to stay in between or make you settle for less. You need to let it sink and learn to hold your head up wherever you find yourself; at home, at work, among friends, and in your relationship. Don’t compromise. Whatever makes you second-guess your worth needs to go.

But first, you need to master self-love in a radiating manner, with that, noting can bring you down. Settling for less isn’t limited to romantic relationships, it occurs in friendships too. Do you have friends that exploit your weakness and make you feel like the less-privileged one in the crew? The friend that makes you feel inferior through irrelevancies; don’t mix it up. There are friends that spontaneously motivate you to be a better person, through their advice, attitude, work ethic and more…. And there are also friends that would make you feel less of yourself because you aren’t pretty enough, or you don’t wear the latest fashion… Yea, pick a side.


I really want you to take a deep look at yourself and determine the type of love and energy you deserve. If those friendships and relationships and companionship, whatever ship isn’t working, LET THEM GO. Love isn’t about being loved back. It’s about loving unconditionally no matter what happens on the other end.

We carefully choose the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the water we drink, the type of music we listen to, but how come we compromise carelessly when it comes to friendships and relationships? Why do we sometimes make terrible choices? Why do we allow people to treat us poorly? Why don’t we hold our friends, family and loved ones to a higher standard? Do I step out of my comfort zone to potentially find a genuine love, or do I continue to go through the motions because I’ve being doing this for so long. Remember, time invested does NOT equal love. Nor does time invested equate to what you’re required to put up with! Don’t settle! Be open with your demands and communicate effectively.


The way you express your love to me may differ in how I express my love to you. That’s perfectly fine. The way I love my man differs from how I love my bestfriend, I could go weeks without saying hello to my bestie and we’d still be cool and so much at peace, but there’s going to be war if I don’t hear from my man in 24hrs!

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