#June 12: Kashimawo the Hero of Nigeria Democracy (M.K.O Abiola)

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The reverend National Anthem of our darling country Nigeria which gives me goosebumps anytime it is recited talks about arising anytime my country needs me and serve her with all my strength and might.

But the question on my lips is to do more for my country, wouldn’t it be a suicide mission unrecognized? or an attempt to be  a labelled a fool?

Like J.F Kennedy would say, do not ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country because like the legendary Fela would say, there is no place like home. I guess M.K.O was a disciple of this Philosophy.

Today in Nigeria is a memorable day because it signifies the day an illustrious son of the Yoruba clan allegedly won the June 12 general election regardless of religion and tribe to usher in a democratically elected president into office to lead the people and not rule.

He obeyed the Arise, O compatriots Nigeria ‘s call obey to serve his father’s land with love, strength and faith.  Chief M. K. O Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola already obeyed this call and was killed because of this. And see what is happening 25 years later.

He was a leader who inspired the whole nation. A hero and a martyr of democracy. The hero of June 12 1993 and the scar and importance of this day will not go away easily or ever because history seem to be permanent since president Buhari Made Today independence day. The Nigerian people are particularly grateful to president Buhari for recognizing June 12 25 years later. But this is not enough because until Nigerians learn to live a decent life and do things properly, June 12 1993 will mean nothing.

Until the rulers of Nigeria recognize the monumental, awesome maximum sacrifice made by Chief Moshood Abiola, his wife and hundreds of others to earn democracy for Nigeria whatever we have now cannot be regarded as democracy but a Sham.

Catapult to 25 years later we are still struggling to come to term with what Democracy is and the sacrifices we have to make for its actualization. Now we have different sects like BOKO HARAM, MASSOB, IPOB, FULANI HERDSMEN, NIGER DELTA MILITANT trying to utter what heros like Azikiwe, Awolowo, Herbert Macaulay, Anthony Enahoro and M.K.O Abiola have strive to build. Shame on them. Nigeria is soaring to a great height and the Actions of of Heros past would not be in vain.

What is democracy to you?

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