Islamic Cleric Kills Co-Tenant Over N60 House Bill

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The Ogun State Police Command has begun a manhunt for an Islamic cleric, known as Raheem, for killing a co-tenant, Monday Olaleye, aka Messiah.

The two tenant, who lived in a house on Adebayo Close, in the Ibafo , Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of the state, reportedly had a disagreement which degenerated to fisticuffs.

The fight, which occured on Sunday, February 11, started after 49-year-old Olaleye demanded the N60 contribution of Raheem for the replacement of a burnt electric fuse.

The next day, Olaleye’ s health condition deteriorated and he was rushed to a private hospital where he was confirmed dead .

The deceased’s family members were said to have reported the case at the Ibafo Police Station.

The other tenants and the neighbours around the house, upon getting hold of the information on the death of Olaleye, fled the house to avoid mass arrest by the police

Residents approached by reporters for information either declined comment or feigned ignorance of the incident.

However, some of the tenants in the building that are in the run were contacted and they gave account of what transpired between the duo on the day of the incident

A man who chose not to be mentioned said the police locked up the house when they did not meet anyone , adding that they left with three generators belonging to tenants .

He said:

“ I remember the two men had a disagreement over payment for a burnt electrical fuse. which was valued at N600 . We are 10 tenants in the house occupying the 10 single room apartments . We divided the money and everybody was asked to pay N60 .

“ I was sleeping when I heard a noise . I was indisposed and couldn’t go out. But I learnt there was a fight between Alfa and Messiah over the fuse money . Within a few minutes, it was over and everybody dispersed .

“ By morning , the man woke up , took his bath , drew water from the well , and prepared a meal which he ate. But around 12 noon, we observed that his door was ajar . I heard heavy breathing and rallied other tenants to get him to a hospital .”

Another tenant said no one knew the victim was ill until a family member visited him.

He noted that the relative raised the alarm, blaming the neighbours for being uncaring.

He said, “After we settled the dispute between him and Alfa, everybody left for their apartments. They were both OK. Messiah was a painter and he rarely went out. We all saw him do his chores that morning; nobody suspected anything until someone said he was breathing abnormally. A relative who visited him around 12 noon queried us for not checking up on him.

“We didn’t get a vehicle on time to convey him to a hospital. We later got one. The medical workers did not allow us to take him down from the vehicle before they said he was dead. Inasmuch as I find it difficult to connect his death to the fight, some people said he might have had internal bleeding.”

The state Commissioner of Police, Ahmad Iliyasu , has ordered the arrest of the suspect and he should be made to face the full wrath of the law . ”

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