I’ll Put an End to Apapa Gridlock Within my First Two Months in office

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Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor-elect of Lagos state, has said he will end the Apapa heavy traffic within his first 60 days in office.

He said not minding the politics involved, he would rid the area of all the trailers whose operations have been responsible for the intractable gridlock.

The governor-elect was reportedly asked what he would do differently after taking over power and Sanwo-Olu spoke on the gridlock caused by trailers, tankers and heavy-duty trucks in Apapa and environs.

“The Apapa trailer issue; it’s a campaign issue; it’s very serious; I’m going to take it very seriously,” Sanwo-Olu was quoted to have said.

“I believe that it is something that we are going to solve in the first 60 days of our government. Whatever is going to be required of us, we will take them out.

“There is a lot of politics being played around there. But no, it cannot be the way we’ll continue to live. We cannot continue to give excuses.”

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