I Will Kill My Husband And My Child If He Cheats on Me While Am Pregnant – Lady Says

If My Man Cheats On Me While I’m Pregnant, I Will Kill Him And The Baby”

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A young lady Kandi, has gone on twitter to clearly set out her terms and condition to whom it may concern when it comes to Relationships, marriage and Infidelity.

She tweeted ; “If my man cheats on me while I’m pregnant im killing him & the baby. Fuck that.

Kandi’s followers were suprised with that tweet and they questioned the intent.

One replied ;

What he did he did you wrong I take it personally because I grew up of someone that cheated on the most important person in my life so for me I see as he’s losing out on the best thing that would come in his life but all I’m saying is don’t take it out on the child.”

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Another asked her specifically ; “What the baby ever done to you.?”

In her reply, she however clarified the previous tweet as she wrote ; “LMAOOOOOOO it was a damn joke now I’m being attacked on twitter”



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