I Lost Big Deals After Revealing I’d Slept With 27 Men – Female Radio Presenter Cries Out

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Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro, known for her frank talk on radio, regrets revealing her body count, claiming that it made her lose big corporate deals.

According to Tuko.co.ke, Kamene Goro was fairly new at NRG radio in August 2018 and at the time, she admitted to being a bit drunk when she dropped the bombshell.

Speaking during a live radio broadcast about a year ago, the former NRG Radio presenter sparked debate after revealing to Andrew Kibe and Prezzo her ‘body count.’

“And please, don’t judge me…

“My body count…Body count is the number of people I have slept with my whole life. My body count currently stands as we speak at 27. Twenty seven d****,” she said.

With the revelation, the 27-year-old became a butt of nasty trolls on social media with the conversation trending for days.

Speaking in a recent interview with True Love Magazine for its September edition, Kamene Goro said she has lost a number of corporate deals as a result of the revelation and its attendant loss of integrity.

“It was one of the worst periods of my life. Not that I regret what I said, but the backlash was huge. A lot of corporates dropped me and even my employer at the time (NRG radio) put me on an ice block. It was treble just for sharing an honest fact,” she is quoted as saying to True Love Magazine.

“Every condom company would have run to him for endorsements. As a woman they expect you to lie when it comes to sexual partners. The guy I was dating at the time told me that I should have reduced the number to three or four,” she added.


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