Greed, Perception, Thrills, Death, Love, Suffering, all “in the Name of Our Father”

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The setting of this book is in the 1980s where Nigeria was struggling between Military regimes and civilian rule, the phase the country was going through From dictatorial leadership to greedy individuals who see the mission and the Church of God as a means to an end.

The title of the book first caught my attention and not the prolific writer of the book.  Initially i thought it was a Christian book or probably an inspirational book, appealing to my emotions about the worship of a supernatural being. But i was thrown aback when the author played on my curiosity. I found out that it was a Christian satire.  I must commend the author for An excellent way to introduce one of the main characters of the novel who turned out to be the narrator. From the first paragraph to the last would put in suspense mode

The event that occurred that morning led to the introduction of the second character who was a destitute with a family and a mistress. Funny how a poor man with a wife and child he could not take care of have the effrontery to have a mistress who later died out of pains from aborting his child. The character was painted as a man who is faced with a lot of misfortunes.

But the way he jumped Into wealth immediately after losing his son to ailment and divorcing his wife was a little bit too quick. The writer wouldn’t have known all the details of the Prophets deeds since according to him, a member of the prophets church let out the prophet’s secrets. He wouldn’t have known so much. but his analysis was in depth and highly necessary to carry his readers along.

On the Long run, in other for his readers to enjoy the aesthetic part of the novel, the narrator let us on how his problem began after receiving  a letter from his fiance initiating a break up, accusing him of cheating on her. then he let us in on the cause of his travail, Hence the main Story Began.

The story seems like a real life story. It draws the reader’s attention to false prophets who got their powers through diabolical ways to enrich their pocket with the money from their preys in the name of The Father. Yes he did one good deed by taking a prostitute out of the street, still doesn’t cover the fact that he had to kill babies to make his charm potent.

The author gave attention to the thinnest of details. The firmness of her breast, the Sex parts and so on. Well I think the book should be censored because of the sex part of the novel. Yes I wouldn’t allow 15 years old nephew read the book because while reading those part, I had and imaginary view of what they were doing.

The narrator  is a perfect example of  a journalist. Detailed, precise and accurate. The Prophet wanted fame and fortune and wouldn’t let anything come in between him and these. He made sure he had the tenacity to have the commander in chief under his grip and control. There was a question that kept bothering me, if the Prophet lost favor in front of the commander n chief, how and when did the prophet plan the arrest of Mr Demola?

I totally enjoyed and loved the authors informal way of describing the characters in the military especially the ones in power. This was a fantastic and brilliant way of using his poetic licence. Like I said earlier, the author knows how to appeal to his readers and that was exactly what he did. Wonderful choice of names. We know transpires during  military regimes and whatnot.

The narrators experience was based on either a personal experience or hearsay or simply out of brilliance because it really describes what offenders go through in the hands of military governments. He painted a very clear picture of what the narrator who was warned earlier in the novel, but chose to ignore the warning and was subjected to torture because he was framed of been part of a coup to overtake a certain government. This was actually where he got my attention the most and I found it difficult to drop the book because the author really made the suffering crystal. I could paint a picture, and actually be in the shoe of the accused journalist. kudos to the author for this.

The novel is a like a moral book.  You cannot dwell in amoral character and get away with it. The prophet got what he deserved. He lost everything he had. His wife, his kid  He killed, mime and cheated people all in the name of the father. Makes me remember the passage in the bible that talks about God denying most people who calls him Father Father.

A Nice and educative Novel.

I rate it a 7/10

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