Governor Rochas Okorocha: Nigeria Needs Repackaging Not Restructuring

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Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has rejected calls for the restructuring of the country, insisting that what Nigeria needs is repackaging to enable it to compete favourably on the international stage.

Okorocha said this on Monday while declaring open the 67th annual conference of Broadcasting Organizations of Nigeria (BON).

He said, “Every geopolitical zone has its own interpretation of restructuring. To the South-East, restructuring means creation of an additional state. For the South-South, restructuring means resource control. For the South-West, it means devolution of power and the North may see it differently, but whatever is the case, we are better off as a united Nigeria.”

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The governor said Nigeria has been presented in the bad light to other nations of the world which made it non marketable to the international communities.

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“We are not the worst nation in the world in terms of corruption but we have been presented as the worst nation.

“I urged BON to see Nigeria as its project and repackage it so that we can regain our lost glories”, he said.

Many Nigerians, especially the opposition, have been vocal about the need for Nigeria to explore the idea of restructuring as recommended in the 2014 confab report.

However, to most of the critics, restructuring means reducing the power of the Federal Government for States to be able to have more autonomy over their resources, security amongst others.


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