Ghana Deports 723 Nigerians Over Fraud

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The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has deported 723 Nigerians over alleged illegal stay, cybercrime and prostitution.

The Nigerians, who were deported for involvement in unlawful acts such as prostitution, cybercrime and illegal residence were usually harassed, molested and tortured by officials of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), the Mission revealed.

Michael Abikoye, the Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana disclosed this to newsmen during a meeting with the Comptroller-General (CG) of GIS, Keane Taking, in Ghana.

It was revealed by the High Commissioner that between 2018 and 2019, 723 Nigerians have been sent back to Nigeria on the basis of alleged cybercrime and prostitution.

Their offence, according to the Ghana Immigration at the border was illegal entry into the country.

He said, “Although, the GIS had linked prostitution and cybercrimes as some of the reasons for the deportation, it is improper to deport Nigerians for alleged illegal stay in Ghana.

“There are several Ghanaians living in Nigeria and the Nigeria Immigration Service has never deported any of them on ground of illegal stay, because of a sense of brotherliness between our countries.”

Abikoye warned that any maltreatment of Nigerians will not be tolerated by the Nigerian government.

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